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Adedayo lives in Nigeria and helps companies and startups develop modern applications, build scalable multi-tenant cloud infrastructures, improve systems reliability and security while also helping drive the business goals. He is also the community lead for DevOpsNG & DevOpsDays in Nigeria,  His interest lies in creating DevOps and Blockchain solutions, He loves traveling, reading and an coffee lover.


Test Driven Infrastructure with Serverspec & Kitchen CI

Jueves 5 de marzo | 10:15h.

Automated Testing cannot be overemphasized in good DevOps practice but it seems that less attention is paid to it when it comes to Automating infrastructure provisioning, By working with automated RSpec testing of our real infrastructure systems, I have been able to reduce the uncertainty around the operating environments, and also reduce the amount of manual correctness while provisioning new infrastructures and I will like to share this knowledge amongst other DevOps engineer out there, because I realize it is not a common practice

More Details
In this talk I will share:

1. The need and importance of automated testing when it comes to infrastructure provisioning
2. Introduction to ServerSpecs, the problem it solves and how it works
3. How to Integrate Serverspecs with any Infrastructure automation tool like (Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Cloudformation, SaltStack)
4. Creating a Test Pipeline with Serverspecs


At the end of my talk, Engineers will be able to
1. Understand how and where infrastructure testing fits into DevOps
2. Setup and Initialize Serverspecs test suites
3. Write Serverspec tests cases for different resources like Docker Containers, Packages and Libraries, services, and even for security setups on Infrastructure
4. Run and use Serverspec from the command line or use as a Docker container
5. Setup a TestPipeline that will integrate into their organizational deployment pipeline

PS: Please Note that I am only using Serverspecs because I have worked extensively with Serverspec and I believe it is a very good tool, I am not in any way affiliated with Serverspec as an organization, and this is not an attempt to promote their tool

If there is any thing you will like me to also add, I am open and willing to, as I would really love this opportunity to meet and share my knowledge with awesome engineers globally

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