Juan López

Founder & CTO @ Clevergy

Juan López, CTO at Clevergy. He is a Software Engineer with 15 years of experience in the sector, working in diverse ecosystems and projects, from startups to large consulting companies, as a tech lead, project lead, and as a software engineer. Juan leads the technology area at Clevergy as an expert in distributed systems, data and artificial intelligence.

Juan López

How to succeed in a IT start up working only 4 days a week

Viernes 28 de Abril | 9:45h.

We have been able to deliver a success, powerful and useful app working 4 days per week and remotely in only 4 months. What is our secret? Some good practices and mindset that we are applying.
TDD, pair programming, CI/CD, TBD as our basic rules helped as to build an efficient and interesting tech application based on DDD and evolutionary architecture where data has a strong role to make decisions not only in business but in software. The key point is to be agile and deliver as soon as possible, failing fast and taking decisions in the last responsible moment, knowing that perfection is the enemy of good and having feedback and trust as normal behaviour within the team.
We are building a powerful tech team and application and we want to share our secret with the community.

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